Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Building a green house

There I was, sitting with Snowflake strapped on, in the reception area of Cubling's nursery, with lots of plastic bottles, trying to battle them into submission, er, cut the bottom off them with a pair of child proof scissors. In the end, I stopped at about 50, partly because my thumb was starting to object, partly because Snowflake had woken up again and I didn't want to chance stabbing her now that she's a bit more active and keen to explore if she can climb out of the sling.

I felt a bit apprehensive, admittedly. Especially when another carer came in and asked if I was able to bring the wean to work. It took a minute to sink in that she thought I was staff, rather than the parent volunteer engaged in the task of cutting off bottle bottoms.

So what was this all about? Well, this nursery being quite high on all things eco,  has teamed up with Urban Roots to build a green house out of plastic bottles. Throughout the winter, the children collected bottles for this undertaking (somewhere between 500 and 1000). Now each of them needs its bottom cut off so they can be stacked with the help of bamboo sticks to form the greenhouse in the nursery's outdoor play area. The bottom bits are going to be used as plant pots.

I've got a feeling that I'm a tad more excited about it all than anyone else, I don't blame the staff for being daunted by the task ahead of them to cut all those plastic bottle bottom off, but if only 10 parents helped for an hour, it would be done. I have to admit, I'd probably enjoyed myself a bit more if it had been a bit of a communal parent volunteer thingme, just being sat there cutting away on my own wasn't particularly elating. The idea I had in mind when I volunteered to help was definitely about a joint effort, not the lonely loon parent slavouring away.

I hope that even if I'm currently failing to enthuse Cubling for gardening, maybe the nursery will be more successful, especially with a shiny new glass, er, plastic house.


Muddling Along said...

That does sound a little dispiriting doing it on your own but what a great idea

I've used plastic bottles to protect my young seedlings - they do a really great job but cutting them down is not fun (and that's with proper scissors)

Lindsey said...

That sounds like a really great idea... in theory. But, a pain in the butt to execute. Still, though, it would be a cheap way to get a greenhouse. Good luck with it!

Brigit said...

I hope you'll get some more people enthousiastic Steffi, it's a really good idea. Love to see a picture of it when it's all up. Just be good to yourself and get better scissors!! Would a good craftknife not be easier?

cartside said...

@Muddling Along they are great as cloches, aren't they.
@Lindsey, I got pretty good at it after a while ;)
@Brigit the nursery is not doing a great job in general trying to enthuse parents, I feel for them, they'll probably end up having to cut out lots of bottle bottoms... Next time I'll bring my own knife. Welcome to the blog by the way!!!



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