Friday, 11 February 2011

One glorious day in February

This week's Nurture in Nature's outing took us on a day trip to Loch Lomond.
Sometimes it's mindboggling that I live in a place where it's possible to just go on a day trip, catch a train, and just an hour later, I'm in such a beautiful location. The stuff of dreams really, especially when I recall how special it was when I first made it to Loch Lomond, that place that I actually knew of through a song. Back then, it took a 3 day interrail trip to make it there, unfortunately the weather didn't play game and I could just about make out the Loch in the fog, but didn't see any of the hills. Still, it was an adventure and I was glad that I'd made the effort.

So now, I can just catch a train and enjoy the beauty whenever it takes my fancy. We don't do it often enough, the gems close to you are easily forgotten or taken for granted. Of course, it was a bit more effort than just a quick train hop - dragging one kid and carrying another plus a heavy rucksack to the train station, changing train stations in the centre of Glasgow and back.

In between though, it was a glorious day - blinding sunshine that had the faintest promise of warmth and summer, while Ben Lomond and even the lower hills were still covered in an icing of snow. After the plentiful rain of recent days, the water levels were high and perfect for getting your wellies wet. We were even able to have picnic on a table and bench submerged in water. The trees seemed to be growing out of and into the water, their reflection as clear as the real thing. There was immense delight at the discovery of snowdrops and a swan, the launch of a boat and the ducks looking for food.

A perfect day, and we couldn't have spent it any better really.
(I'm sure my back disagrees, but don't listen)
Quietly, I promised myself to come back sooner rather than later.

This post is part of Outdoor Challenge Monday, hosted at - the challenge is to spend more time outdoors. In our case it tends to be outdoor Thursday, because that is our Nurture in Nature playgroup day. Nurture in Nature is a loosely organised outdoor playgroup that meets twice a week, usually for a morning and an afternoon; once a month it's a daytrip. It is based in the southside of Glasgow though open to anyone who values the importance of outdoor play and learning and wants to get muddy with the kids. 


Aqeela said...

Your photos are beautiful, and the day out sounded very much like one of my perfect days out.
The Nurture in Nature playgroup sounds very good, id love to go to something like that. We have a Netmums meet up in the country park just round the corner from me, once a month, but something more often would be wonderful.
Thank you for visiting my blog. I still do end up with plants that i dont remember planting, and odd ones that i havent got a clue about, but my little garden scrapbook helps with the rest!
Aqeela xx

Sarah said...

I love the picture of the lilies of the valley raising their heads out of the Scottish muck.

But mostly I'm writing to wish you a very belated congratulations on the arrival of your Snowflake! Best wishes to you and your family.

It sounds like you're really enjoying your maternity leave and putting the time to good use!

Jacq said...

Your weather was obviously better than ours ( In London). I love the scenery.

cartside said...

@Aqeela I really need to get more organised when planting something and your book is a lovely idea of putting it into practice!

@Sarah, Thank you!

@Jacq, for once... usually it's a lot worse here and we had a lot of rain and flooding and just the one good day.



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