Sunday, 6 February 2011

February Bilingual Carnival

It just shows how behind I am with everything that this month's bilingual carnival has been out for a good few days and I'm only posting about it today. Sorry. There were two teeth and two colds that descended upon us. My kids are early teethers it seems, just like I was so my proposal is that teething dates are genetically determine. Discuss.

More interesting observations can be had from the fabulous people who raise their kids bilingually, so don't miss out whether you're one of those parents or not, because it's all rather exciting. Maybe I'm biassed though as an old linguist and language teacher.

On another observation, I can certify that a bilingually raised 10 year old (German/Spanish) who visited us with his mum this week has demonstrated that bilingual kids are great at picking up additional languages. I can't believe how good his English is considering he's only learned it for a little while. Hat off R.!

Oh and here's the end of gum smiles:



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