Thursday, 17 March 2011

Blankets, glorious blankets...

Today I picked them up. Five glorious, handknitted blankets, from tiny to massive. Last Saturday, I'd put five bids on five blankets in the silent auction of the blankets that were made for the amazing Garterstitch100 project for the Centenary of International Women's Day, to represent 100 million women who are missing in this world due to gender inequalities with a stitch for each missing woman. My hope was to win maybe two, but somehow each of my bids won, so now our house is smothered in beautiful blankets. I think I won the five most beautiful ones (otherwise I wouldn't have bid on them, right?).

The blankets were auctioned to raise funds for the selected women's charities in Glasgow. And there are still some blankets available. Large or small, stripes of knitted/crocheted squares, packs of squares that can be made into whatever takes you fancy. All of them were handknitted with lots of thought and love, with compassion and solidarity.

Plus the supported charities can do with every penny, especially in these belt tightening times where charities will be hit hardest by the cuts.

So if you can, please consider getting in touch and buying blankets, squares and co., they are going very cheap, you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy some. Either head to the Tramway in Glasgow on Wednesday/Thursday 23rd/24th March, or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you!


The Princess Poet said...

hi i'm in search of blankets too.. stumbled upon your post thru babycentre. can i have pictures of the blankets and how much they are going for? my bump is a boy!

cartside said...

@Princess Poet - best to get in touch with Garterstitch. They have a few photos on the Facebook page (link is in my post) and you can contact them through Twitter. You can view the blankets on Thursday at the Tramway. There are many different ones, all in multiple colours. Price: bids start at £10 but it's for charity and each square will have taken 2 hours to knit (nevermind the sewing up), with an average of 100 squares to a blanket so be as generous as you can. The Life Craft will sew together further blankets and have another sale on 8th April - to get in touch.



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