Tuesday, 22 March 2011

To lie or not to lie

What a great start to the day - after eating her breakfast (by herself and even quickly, is this my girl or what?) and asking to "play the chalk a wee minute" before "I don't want to go to nursery again!"; she comes up to me, delight in her eyes, and announces: "Ich habe das Stuhl gemalen with chalk!" (I drew on the chair - you'll get the "with chalk" bit. Notice that we have a one article proposition for German grammar; everything is "das" at the moment and I'm sure many a German language student would love her take on gender. Linguistic gender that is.) Realising that chalk isn't as bad as permanent ink, I managed to stay calm and composed this time (I'm not very good at calm and composed at the moment so was rather pleased with myself) and commented that she knows that furniture is not for drawing on and that's what the blackboard is for.

Her response: "Then I didn't malen on the Stuhl. No I didn't."

What a prime example of wishful thinking. We have reached the stage where she'd bend the reality on anything just to "say" the right thing. Suffice to say I don't trust that she washes her hands after the toilet, that she wipes her bum after the toilet that she... you get the picture. I think this is a normal stage, just that it's taking  kind of over because she does a lot she's not meant to do (or doesn't do what she's meant to do) and subsequently whitewashes her actions. I know she doesn't mean to lie, that she means well, but that doesn't exactly help to tell truth from fiction.

At the weekend we visited a windfarm (more of that later when I manage to wrestle down Lightroom to edit the rather spectacular photos I took) and her question prior to arrival was if there would be any animals. Well, there were birds, does that count?

She did something else really funny the other day and I'll share should I manage to remember. Mr Cartside, to the rescue?


Mwa said...

Somehow lying always hits me harder than other naughty things, I don't know why that is. Maybe because I am compulsively (ridiculously) honest myself. I like the "consequences" fix for it. Show them what mistrust will do for them/our relationship: e.g. "No, you can't have a biscuit because I can't trust you when you say daddy hasn't given you one already." Fixes it pretty quickly. Ha!

cartside said...

good idea, may try that one. I find it hard to deal with the lying - which I'm told is not proper lying just creative use of language (splurts out laughing).



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