Monday, 7 March 2011

Little rascal

I have a feeling that Snowflake is trying to tell me something.
She's been sneakily stealing chips from Cubling's plate and Cubling is delighted to share them with her beloved baby.

Oh and carrots, yumyum, gimme them. Tatties are no bad either. Oh and home made leek and potato soup? Can I have seconds?

Then somehow my ginger nut biscuit disappeared. Oh what a messy face, oh what messy hands, carpet and generally everything.

This morning's robbery beats it though. I must have not been watching with eagle eyes for a second or so, only to wonder why I was feeling all warm and wet on my legs. Surely she wasn't doing a puke on me again?!

It was coffee. She'd grabbed my cup and poured it over herself then me, including the dregs. In front of about 25 mums and their relevant children, for all to see what a caring and able adult I am to fail and protect my baby from hot drinks (only that of course I knew it wasn't hot. My coffees come with so much milk that they can at best be classed as luke warm). There was no hiding it. The dregs on pink trousers have me outed.


And no, I have no intention of weaning her on coffee. That one is most defnitely mummy's. She may be a week short of six months but if there's any wisdom in watching baby, the weaning road lies inescapably ahead of us. The irony doesn't escape me that I complained about a certain sample diet and now have to list chips and ginger nut biscuits... Serves me right.

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Anonymous said...

I think dudelet's first solid food was Chinese egg noodles and chicken, courtesy of a no-nonsense Chinese friend (who probably should have asked us first but...). He's never looked back.



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