Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Small steps towards finished objects

Thanks to the baby who will not settle in the evenings, I've not been doing too much knitting and the focus was on getting that puppet theatre done. I'm really pleased with the puppet theatre, and so is Cubling, she went straight into playing out her favourite fairy tales (and is running about the house with snow white and the prince kissing each other).

Still, some tiny weeny objects did get done. I'd been wondering for a while what the best project for some lovely 100g skein of Shetland bulky wool (Jamieson's Marl - a grey/blue mix of lovely thick and warm wool). I'd unravelled the TV remote holder because it just looked wrong - this yarn was meant for something warm. So it became this (short) scarf for a very special Grampa to keep him warm on the golf course. I know it's the wrong season, but nevermind. I was rather pleased that I managed to make it as long as possible with the one skein I had. I didn't use a pattern, just made it up as I went along.

My friend J has come up with a great fundraising idea for Cosgrove Care - the idea is to knit 100 objects and auction them in aid of the local charity. There is a regular knitting evening in the Cosgrove Care charity shop on Skirving Street in Shawlands where knitters can also chat and those who would like to knit but don't know how can learn it from the more experienced knitters. I knew that any ambitious project would stand the chance of not being completed, so I went for some more bulky yarn. I found this super soft  and super pink yarn in a charity shop and initially thought this is ideal for my pink fairy princess, but hoping that maybe it would go to the fundraising initiative. I found a Rowan booklet with a quick hat pattern - meant for adult size but with even bigger yarn and bigger needles, so I chanced it and cast on with size 7.5 mm instead and my slightly thinner yarn and hurray, it all came together beautifully.

Just that Cubling was just about to be persuaded to try it on for me to take a photo (much persuasion needed) but did not want to keep it. Apparently she just wants the light pink and no two pinks in her hat. Fine then, it'll be auctioned then! So the hat fits a 3-4 year old head (the yarn is stretchy, so it may fit from 2-5), is super soft and pink and has cute earflaps. It's really quite lovely. Any offers? All to go to Cosgrove Care of course.


talking to Hattie said...

That little hat is cute. I knitted a few hats for Christmas and the suddenly the boys has grown out of them all. I think some spring/summer hats are needed.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Love it! I have finished a 'snood' and working on a scarf. Next knit night a week on Thursday. Thanks for Sunday, A had a fab time. What a great idea. J x



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