Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Aren't I fabulous?

There's a rather chuffed Cartside in the house. I've been awarded the fabulous blog, er, award, hurray! It comes from the Being a Mummy, a blog I'm a keen follower of - it's funny, with a definite out of the ordinary sense of humour which really gets me to chuckle. Being a Mummy, aka Zooarchaeologist (I feel brave typing this because I don't think I'll ever be sure how to spell it) is mum to 2 under 2, although older boy must be heading for his big 2 birthday rather soon if I'm not mistaken.

No award without rules, so I'm to link back to the blog which tagged me (tick), name 5 things I'm addicted to and pass it on to blogs I like, linking to them in this post and leaving a comment telling them about the award. It doesn't say how many of the latter, so let's see how many that'll turn out to be.

I'm seriously addicted to chocolate. Always been, always will be. Nothing like it. I could actually live on chocolate. I don't think there are many day in the year when I don't eat chocolate. When pregnant with Cubling, I averaged 3 Mars Delights a day (and through out the scales when they told me I'd put on 20kg during pregnancy - that was at 8 months, no idea how much I actually did put on).

Second to chocolate, the internet. I'm a true blogging and email junkie. I could procrastinate all day reading blogs, honest.

My remaining addictions are relative. I don't need my fix every day. There's one not to be missed on any mummy list, sleep.

Next, there's tea. I love drinking plain old tea. It's even sometimes hot these days although I got rather used to cold tea just after b-day. For all my love of tea I do forget it more than I like, either in the form of boiled water, an unpoured cup in the pot, a poured cup somewhere in the house, or even a poured and then gone cold cup in the microwave after having attempted tea resuscitation and failed (because I forgot it and it's cold again).

Finally, crafting. I need the buzz that making stuff brings. Not every day, but most days, and it doesn't have to be knitting or card making, it can be anything.

And I pass the award on to:

Metropolitan Mum, a reasonably new blog, for great writing that strikes a chord with my own pregnancy story 2 and a bit years ago, just that she's putting it so much more poignantly.

Southside Yarns who has started to post again after a long spell of morning sickness (the latter not on the blog of course!) and I'm glad to see my fellow southsider, fellow knitter, fellow mum and, above all, my friend blogging again.

My all time favourite Soulemama, she's an inspiration, always first on my reader and if you don't know her blog yet, go there immediately.

More than just a Mother who I came across only yesterday and ended up spending all night reading.

And finally, Single Parent Dad because his blog has been very important for me in the past 3-4 months, giving hope that there can be happiness after grief. Which is really not why anyone should read his blog because it's so much more, I absolutely have to add.

That makes 5, the same number as addictions? Looks rather neat to me.


Maternal Tales said...

Have just found your blog and the first post I read made me laugh. When I was pregnant with my first child my Mother sent me 8 Mars Delights in the post and I ate them in one sitting. Needless to say I put on rather a lot of weight during that pregnancy. How much is 20kg?? I put on 5 stone!!

cartside said...

oh, I'm still sticking to my metrics, no idea how much it is in stone. It's at least 3 I guess, maybe heading towards 4? All I know that the recommended maximum of weight increase in pregnancy is 12 kg, so I was worryingly over. I did lose most of it though thanks to a very hungry babe. Thanks for stopping by!



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