Thursday, 2 April 2009

scarf for MIL

I seem to feel quite inspired by the nice clean suface of this new blog of mine. Also, spending the evening at my sister in law's, I realised that I left one of 4 knitting needles at home, so I'm stuck for progress on my second sock tonight, so perfect excuse for ... a knitting post.

I'm actually amazed how many individual pieces of knitting I've completed in the past 6 months. I'm not a fast knitter, and I don't knit every evening. It's something that I fit in while watching TV, while visiting family during Cubling's naptime, while in the passenger seat.

So here's something that got completed a tad late for my mother in law, it was meant to be ready for her birthday but I think I was a week or two late. The pattern is very simple, a basic tube scarf in stocking stitch. It couldn't be easier. Just that I didn't manage to join the tube so actually sewed it together. The yarn is the lovely and soft Kidsilk Haze, a very light mohair/silk mix. It's a fabulous yarn to knit with, maybe not for a beginner due to its consistency, but if you love yarns, it is such a joy to let it run through your fingers as you knit. The trick for this particular piece is to knit it with large needles, in this case 5mm, the result is a lacy appearance in spite of the very simple pattern. To make it more exciting, a contrasting fabric longer than the tube is inserted, and the whole scarf is held together by a brooch. Pattern taken from Alternknits, fabric is courtesy of John Lewis and I finally sourced the perfect brooch at Accessorize, after spending various lunch breaks unsuccessfully hunting for a silver brooch.

It's a scarf I'd quite happy do again, for myself it would have to be a different colour but this one is just right for my loving mother in law and hopefully will keep her warm and cosy.

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Jules said...

Woo a new blog! Like the header. You still going to keep up Cartside? J x



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