Saturday, 18 April 2009

bright eyed and bushy tailed

Sometimes the Cartside home is transformed into magic wonderland. Tonight, after a bathing frenzy with her cousin (something she had been looking forward to for the whole duration of her stay in mummy country - as in asking for a bath with her cousin every single day both at naptime and at bedtime, and she sure made sure to have a whale of a time tonight), Cubling dispensed imaginary ice creams from the head board of our bed. Lots of ice cream. I think she gave us about five each.

Earlier in the day we had ventured out into the sudden sunshine and the ever lovely Queen's Park. There were ducks not needing fed (when admiring the view from the flagpole, both toddlers reminded us of our mission ensuring that the grown ups didn't get sidetracked), but nevermind, Cubling was ever so pleased with herself for throwing bread crumbs into the pond. The pond was covered in bread; ducks, swans, seagulls and pigeons letting it swim and disintegrate with full tummies. There was an ice cream van and the delight on her face when we did actually get some was unspeakable. A long session at the swing park prompted her cousin to comment "that was fun!", and yes, fun they had by the bucketloads. What better way to end a day of playing with your favourite cousin than to water the plants with the "tantans" (Giesskanne, or watering can for the anglophones amongst you).

Cubling was frantic with excitement and pleasure, and so was her cousin. Two pairs of sparkling eyes eager to keep going. Hugs and kisses distributed as generously as imaginary ice cream cones.
I'm rather exhausted and rather happy.


Maternal Tales said...

There is the saying 'Happy Mummy, Happy Baby'. Well it works the other way round too. If baby is happy then Mummy is too. There's nothing as cute and wonderful as a happy child. Glad you had a good day x

cartside said...

I'm ever amazed at how the company of the two of them almost guarantees a good day for them. So much joy and it's a joy to watch.



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