Friday, 3 April 2009

cry wolf

We had a cry wolf moment today.

You see, Cubling, in her two years of life, has always been rather vocal. As a baby, she was well able to maintain a cry for up to seven hours in spite of maternal and paternal attempts to stop the noise. Later, the crying became winging, which was and still is rather frequent. While she's now able to communicate, if something doesn't happen the way she envisages it INSTANTLY, the wailing starts. She does that when mummy leaves the room for a few seconds. When mummy doesn't pay her 100% of her attention, when she needs to get dressed, her nappy changed, when she wants something impossible, when the idea of swing park is in her mind and mummy tries to explain that it's not such a good idea in the pooring rain. She also screams in her sleep (often) so we've come to be a tad immune to her noise levels. Responsive but with minimal fuss, so as not to encourage it.

So today she was whining again, complaining about "knee sore, up". Now, she always wants carried to the swing park and back, but of course has no problem running about like a cheetah once there. And after running about all day with her cousin and clearly proving her ability to run on this particular day and even to keep up with an older toddler, there was no way I would carry her even a few meters.

We did get home without a monkey sitting on my hip. The whining continued, now for food. With half an hour to dinner time, I tried my best not to succumb to offering snacks. But the wailing became constant and rather counterproductive to mummy's cooking endeavours. Sometimes mummy has good ideas and so she realised that the cooked veg wasn't in the curry yet, so if she was really hungry, she could just as well eat the dreaded veg.

She must have been really hungry, she ate a full plate of veg and potato, followed by the actual meal of fishfingers, and yoghurt. As I undressed her for the bath, a massive, still bleeding knee presented itself.

I felt like a rather bad mummy.

---- some stuff for mummy's records: -----
Cubling's favourite words of the day: Funny! (which she says to a lot of things with a hysterical laughter - she finds absolutely everything funny), No-one! (meaning: no way am I gonna do that). She was also happy to see trees covered in snow (that would be cherry trees in bloom). She's also made a huge progress in her physical abilities. All of a sudden she can climb things that only two weeks ago were way beyond her abilities. And she finally has started saying the proper words for some of her made up words, as well as adding German words. Strangely, she answers the question "how old are you" in German, and the German question in English. Maybe she's just having a laugh though. Her counting has changed from two-three-four-five-eight-nine-ten to one-two-three-four-five-six. If I add seven, she'll continue up to 10 or eleven. So some things seem to have clicked with her, as if a switch was turned.



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