Sunday, 5 April 2009

high up in the sky

It felt like the first time in an aeroplane. In her reasonably short life, Cubling has been on aeroplanes a lot. Her passport is evidence of this, her photo taken at about 4 weeks and getting us into trouble at every custom control. I'm joking of course, but it does always bring a much needed smile to stern faces of immigration controllers. Living abroad with one half of the family and friends in one country and the other in the other, plus having accummulated a reasonably international circle of friends unfortunately translates into having a higher carbon footprint than intended. Since Cubling was born, there've been numerous trips to her Opa and to a wedding in France. She should be used to flying by now.

Last night told me that this was not true. Nothing could have prepared me for the excitement which overtook Cubling. Every step of the way - spotting billboards with planes on them, seeing the airport, seeing a plane take off, checking in, security check, passport control, boarding, being seated (for the first time in her very own seat!) and above all, an accelating plane followed by take off. The sea was water, the clouds were snow, she loved the turbulences (unlike me), or screeching for the fun of watching a man in the seat behind snoozing away and later couldn't control her furiously kicking legs with the rush of speed upon landing, as if she had to move them to propel the plane all by herself.

She was so excited that she hardly sleept on the two hour journey by car that followed. And she found it impossible to sleep in her bed afterwards. Her mind must have been reeling and it took us until 2 am to finally both enter dreamland.

Strangely, today, she doesn't seem tired in the least. Unlike Mummy.

It may not have been my first flight with her, but it somehow was her first flight with me.

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zooarchaeologist said...

Isn't it funny how they are just really appreciating things now?

Theres an award for you on my blog!



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