Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blogger Luncheon Monday

We've been treated. Courtesy of Pizza Express and a pizza with a hole in it. Now, I'm not easily overexcited of any freebies, but this one was good stuff: blog about the new pizza light (leggera it would be in Italian) and you get vouchers to invite bloggers near you for a free meal at your local Pizza Express.

We managed to just about squeeze it into September, when it had to take place. So, this Glasgow bank holiday Monday, there were slugs on the refrigerator, mindful mums, southside yarns and we all synchronized us with some babies in one Glasgow pizza house to have lovely food, a great blether and were able to put faces to names, and more importantly, to words.

Now, did anyone else found it a rather interesting experience to be chatting to folk they'd never met but knew more about than most of your casual friends? Having never been on a blind date or met virtual friends in real life before, I found it quite thrilling and a tad disconcerting, in a strangely pleasant way. Time flew by which must mean we had a great time, and I almost missed an appointment and turned up late to pick up Cubling from the childminder, but I wouldn't let a great day end in stress and took it easy - and made both just in time.

So thank you Pizza Express for this getting us into gear for a Scottish Parent Blogger meetup and the nice food to go with it and I can't wait to see everyone again soon - maybe at some east coast venue next so that Edinburgh/Fife bloggers can join in too.

Oh, and the leggera pizza is rather lovely too and on Facebook you can get an offer voucher for 2 pizzas for 10 quid apparently.

And I promise sincerely that tomorrow I will finally tell you all about what it was like to walk on fire!


Irish Mammy said...

What a great idea!

Metropolitan Mum said...

How I'd loved to be there. Although I felt cheated by the leggera - they have a hole (!) in the middle. Shriiieeeek. Who's made a hole in my pizza? Thanks for the coucher link. 2 pizzas may just do the trick ;-)

Metropolitan Mum said...

Haha. Voucher, of course. Not coucher. Though it sounds nice, too.



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