Sunday, 27 September 2009

I back!

In the words of Cubling, we're back from 4 amazing and very different days. Updates will be forthcoming, in the meantime Cubling would like to share her amazing discovery: Look, mummy! Tombliboos' house!!! Indeed, don't you think?


Kathryn said...

I love the 'I back' - another one of those linguistic things for us - we lived with 'I finish!' for years!!

Anonymous said...

Where's the Tombliwindows :)

cartside said...

Kathryn, I just have to try not to copy her, it's so tempting!

Anonymous (even though I know who you are), I wondered that too, Cubling was not too bothered though. In fact, where are the Tombliboos? Are they in or are they out?



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