Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Free lunch anyone?

I'm not one easily excited about the freebie offers that some of us mummy bloggers get, and clearly it's not why I blog. However, I really liked the idea about the Leggera Bloggers Lunch. Basically, you get a free Pizza Express lunch in September, by posting about this marketing initiative (which I hereby do) and tagging the bloggers who you would invite for lunch.

A free lunch and getting to meet fellow bloggers? Sounds pretty good to me. Especially because the only bloggers I know are those who were friends first and only became bloggers later. So I'm rather excited to meet some of the people behind the blogs I read. Plus I've got an inkling that this may be the start to a Scottish Parent Blogger meet up. Because we're really all very jealous about all the lovely get togethers that the southern mum and dads get.

The date, time and venue are set: Monday 28th September, 2pm in Glasgow. Venue will be confirmed directly to participants (I don't like to publish my exact whereabouts on the internet). You can come with or without kids - obviously it's easier to chat without kids but kids are very welcome too!

I'd like to tag:

Laura who blogs at Synchronization of us

Jules who can be found blogging on South Side Yarns and for whom it would be rather a feat to make it I'm sure with little I.

Kat who blogs on Slugs on the Refrigerator

Siobhan who has Two in There and we'd be delighted if she manages to make it through in spite of the closeness to her due date

Ali who blogs on Mindful Mum

In case she can make it, even if a bit late: Melaina aka Transatlantic Blonde

And I'd also like to tag Little Mummy, Feeding Five for Fifty, Snapdragon Garden, Hullaballo, Half Mum Half Biscuit in case they are free.

If you're about Glasgow on 28th September, a blogger and wish to join in, hands up and let me know in the comment box or send me an email and I'll tag you too.
Let me know if you're in (you can email me, contact me through twitter or leave a comment) because I need to know numbers soon for the lunch vouchers.

And the plan is to meet again a few months later maybe in Edinburgh to give the east coasters a fair chance too. Any sponsors wanting to pay our food bill ;) ?


Laura C said...

What a great idea! I'm in the Glasgow area and would love to attend a meet up! Unfo am away at end of Sept but def be there for next one!

Ali @ Mindful Mum said...

Looking forward to meeting everyone ;o) Ali

Very Bored Housewife said...

Hope you all have a lovely time. There is an award for you over at my place. xx



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