Sunday, 25 October 2009

and then, to make it all better again:

We're sitting at the dinner table after a late return from our weekend. Just Cubling and I.
"Kuscheln, mummy" she says out of the blue (let's cuddle), "kuscheln on mummy's leg", she elaborates. "Du moechtest auf Mami's Schoss kuscheln? Ja klar." (you want to cuddle on mummy's lap? Sure). I take her out of her ill fitting high chair and we assume cuddling position.

"My hand in there" she demands, wanting to make sure her right hand is behind my back, for a good and proper cuddle. Then, "I you lieb dich. Mummy, I you lieb dich."

I'm smitten. "I besser now" in Cubling's words. How could I not be?
(NB: this was a first. She's never said this unprompted before)


Mwa said...


frogs+sprogs said...

Aaah lovely. And that mix of language sounds very familiar, we're getting the same here.

Anonymous said...

Aw, those moments really are the sweetest. :)

Cave Mother said...

How sweet. That's lovely.

Metropolitan Mum said...

Aww. I you lieb dich is to cry for.



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