Friday, 30 October 2009

The friendliest pumpkin in town

Meet the friendliest pumpkin in town. Because Cubling is scared of, well, almost everything at the moment, particularly scary pumpkin faces. So we made a friendly pumpkin. Success, she goes near it, touches it, even holds it in front of her face. Hurray! This is only the second time I've ever carved a pumpkin and I'm actually rather pleased with the result. Oh and the eyebrows came on the behest of Cubling. Everthing has to have eyebrows at the moment (and moustaches, but understandably I left that one out). A toddler obsessed with facial hair...

And to finish the morning off, we made pumpkin soup. Cubling is the expert onion peeler as you can see. She did actually peel the onion perfectly with her bare hands and a plastic toy knife. And yes, it is safe to let her sit on kitchen worktops beside a knife and a bottle of wine. Oh and excuse the mess.
All ready for tomorrow's party then.


Pippa said...

I let mine sit on the side too, easiest to watch them if they are near you!

Kat said...

Me too, I let her chop and stir as well. Never going to learn unless she is allowed to try! Moustaches are very on trend at the moment, Cubling must be fashion forward :)

Anonymous said...

I think we ended up with pumpkin and pasta which, rather to our astonishment, they ate. Little elf also has the same issues with pumpkins - was utterly terrified when ours lit up.

Anonymous said...

I missed out on showing JoJo his first ever pumpkin carving as we all had a touch of Man Flu!!! He did look cute dressed in his skeleton sleepsuit, though it shocked him when it glowed in the dark. lol. xx



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