Monday, 12 October 2009

One tired but happy mummy

I have no energy to write any proper blog posts. If I say proper, it means half thought through, the ideas that I have in my head, the stuff that takes a little concentration to complete.
Well, we've had a rare weekend as the nuclear family and made the most of it. No, I didn't clean, shop, garden. When one's time is very limited, priorities have to be right. Ours were to have some rare and precious family time. So the house is in a bit of a state but baby I don't care (hums along).
Instead of cleaning and all the boring stuff, we went to Edinburgh Zoo and Finlaystone Estate/Gardens over the weekend.
I was in London Wednesday to Friday for some work related social media training.
On Wednesday I'll be off to Germany for 4 days.
The following Wednesday, i.e. after 2 days in Glasgow, I'll be in Belfast for the day, again for work. I'm a very tired mummy already, don't ask me what it'll be like 10 days from now after all that travelling.

I'm extremely pleased we managed two sunny glorious autumn days in two fabulous locations. On the train journey to London I managed to knit a pair of mittens and I've managed to catch one of the last places on the online Felt and Stitch holiday which I decided would be my much deserved me time for the next few weeks. I hope having signed up to it will make me take that time, even if not at the specific days the projects are posted (they happen to be Wednesdays, which, for the next two weeks, will be airport days).

My internet connection may be more than iffy, what with my dad's virus infected computer and his stubborn reluctance to buy a new one (which I shall attempt to remedy while there, now there's a mission!) so if this space should be rather quiet, please bear with me. I do have a lot of posts planned and in the pipeline. There'll be a podcasting 101, a video blogging 101, an introduction to Ning, I'm sure I'll not be able to resist blogging about the beauties of Edinburgh Zoo and Finlaystone, and my camera is full of amazing autumn pictures. Have I mentioned already how amazing Acers are? I just can't get enough of them. Oh, and winter knitting. Next on my needles after the mittens shall be the dead fish hat, my current personal favourite hat pattern from A Hat in Time and in 2 week's time, the print run should be making its way out to those who've preordered. If you wish to preorder or buy the ebook, just hop over here.

Oh and sorry that I haven't had time to comment on other blogs, I just about manage to read posts here and there at the moment. Not complaining, just explaining ;)

To entertain you, some classics out of Cubling's mouth:
Tell Opa, which animals did you see in the zoo? "rabbits, dogs".
"I happy fish, mummy grumpy fish" (after telling her off for throwing her milk cup off the table and creating a milk puddle).
"I no want see Tiger anymore" (in the zoo, after we finally found the tiger and she couldn't quite get the parental excitement of him being right up at the glass).
"I want go aeroplane! I fahren Deutschland! Wheee! I fliegen high up sky!" (no, not yet darling, another few days to go - she's been saying this for 3 weeks non stop now)
"I big girl now!" Not sure what makes her think that, she's still not using the potty and is still in the cot, the two things that I consider signs of being a big girl...
Pointing at our neighbour: "What's that?" Mummy: "Who's that." Cubling: "Good morning, Who!"
And she loves Goldilocks, which we also read in a German version. She is the small bear, I'm the middle bear, daddy is the big bear. So far so good. And who's Goldilocks? Her cousin (my nephew). He is very blond to be fair... And he's happy with the casting.

Finally, I'm over the moon that this blog is listed as number 35 of the top 100 of British parenting blogs. I do think that many blogs below Mummy do that! are more deserving of this position and I'm sure in months to come this will be reflected. In the meantime though, it's made my day!!!


Muddling Along Mummy said...

Wow - sounds like a hectic time. Hope you manage some time out of it all

And congrats on the Top100 position - very deserved

Mwa said...

Yay for the foreigners highjacking the British blogging scene! Have a good time in Germany. I'm sure it will provide great blog fodder either way.

Kelly said...

Good morning Who! That is so funny. Bless little Cubling.



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