Friday, 2 October 2009

Wherever you look, there's a carnival

I'm trailing a bit behind with post and had meant to post all about this week's carnivals muuuuch earlier. Better late than never though, so here goes carnival time x 3!

The one closest to my heart is of course the Carnival on Raising Bilingual Children. You can find the latest installation here. If you would like to contribute, host or join the mailing list, please visit this page where you can do all of this. Hopefully this smallish carnival will be a steady and growing resource for parents who raise their children bilingually, so please support it in its infant stages.

Second up is the Sleep Deprivation Carnival which is rather relevant to me this week after self induced sleep deprivation. I only have myself to blame. I just can't sleep in crammed tents, or go to bed without an hour of me time, so I think I averaged somewhere between 4-5 hours in the last week. Not good. I disgress. Find out all about the sleep deprivation ahead of you if you're mad enough to have babies, and how to turn the corner (hopefully, if you're not quite such an owl as I've been last week).

Finally, the fortnightly Mummy Bloggers Carnival that everyone knows of anyway is over at Mums Rock . No contribution from Mummy do that! this time, but that shouldn't put you off because you would have read my contribution here anyway if you're reading this, so it's all good new stuff over there!

Enjoy the read!

Oh and I've realised that there's a difference between amber and embers. Just search/replace mentally in my previous post. I didn't walk over ambers, that would have been easy peasy. It was indeed embers. At least I'm consistent, eh?!

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