Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I happy now!

(photo by D3 San Francisco via

We are driving home from the childminder. The short 10 minute drive is filled with relentless whining and whinging. Cubling is tired from a night filled with nightmares, where cuddly bears turned to vicious monsters, and a long day.

"I want go Spielplatz". "Nein, das geht nicht, es ist schon dunkel und viel zu spaet!" (I want to go to the swing park - no we can't, it's dark already and too late) "I want see George!" (she must fancy him. Every single day she wants to visit George. When she does visit, she doesn't play with him, doesn't even look at him. True love...) "I want go einkaufen!" When my third "nay" ensues, she starts bawling. And I feel for her. Three fun ideas, and no success. Frustration exasperated by a wound up state of tiredness.

10 minutes aren't long but they turn to eternity after a long and busy day at work, which followed a very broken night's sleep due to toddler nightmares. Almost at home, I plead, with an attempt at authority in my voice "Please stop crying now." She stops. I breathe. Space to think. An idea. "How about, we go to the shop to buy a pumpkin?" A smile, growing. Eyes lighting up and glowing with anticipation. "Yeah!"

We drive off to the shop. Cubling announces: "I happy now!"


Anonymous said...

It's those little things that can make them smile :))

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Got to love the purchase of a pumpkin. It promises so much!



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