Tuesday, 2 June 2009

miscarriage complete

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Today was my much dreaded hospital appointment. It held another scan to check what happened to the 2.25cm blob that I hadn't miscarried yet. You see, if you miscarry and something is left, if it's less than 2cm, your miscarriage is considered complete. If it's bigger, an ERPC (Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception) is recommended.

It was very frustrating when I was told the last blob measured 2.25 cm. If you go through 6 hours of contractions and a bleed which makes you worry that you may pass out, you don't also want to have an operation on top of that. Of course I would never exactly fancy any type of operation, being much more on the squeamish than brave side of the scale.

After being told the risks of waiting for another week to see if the blob came off of its own accord, I did that, equipped with a course of antibiotics and painkillers. The painkillers remain untouched because I had no further pain.

And today, after a bit of a hickups (for the first time ever, I turned up too late for an appointment having made a wrong but very sticky mental note of the time) the scan revealed that while some tissue still remains, it's negligible and I'm officially discharged. I left the Early Pregnancy Assessment Service jumping for joy, the poor staff must have thought such behaviour rather strange for a woman who had recently miscarried.

Once again I can only praise the staff. They were so empathetic and supportive, it's unreal. They even offered for me to wait in a different room so I wouldn't see other women come out of the scan with a wee photo of their babies. I declined because I actually enjoy seeing scan photos. After all of the emotions of the past 2 weeks, I feel so happy for every mum to be who comes out of that room with good news. So I secretly peeked over to see some lovely bump babies. As the sonographer said, hopefully it won't be long before I may leave the EPAS with a scan photo of a healthy baby.

They also promised me to check if they can get me a photo of the 6 week old with no heartbeat to send to me. Somehow, I feel it would be good to have this.


A Modern Mother said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, sending you big hugs. I had three miscarriages and none were easy or forgotten.

Cave Mother said...

What a painful story. It is, strangely, good to read about though, because it demystifies miscarriage. So thank you.

allgrownup said...

What a lovely perspective on life. I wish I could be as half-full as you!

zooarchaeologist said...

Im glad its all over and you can move on. Wont be long before theres another little cubling. x

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Having had the fortune to never suffer a miscarriage, I truely admire you for writing so honestly about what you have been through. It must have been so painful (both physically and mentally). It has given me a real insight into what so many women go through. Thank you.

Motheratlarge said...

Well, I'm sorry to hear your bad news, I know from personal experience how distressing miscarriage can be. But it's good to have found you blogging at this new address.

cartside said...

Susanna, it must have been very hard to go through 3 miscarriages. I truly hope I won't go there again.

Cave Mother, the worst is over, I feel I can accept this ok rather than linger over the what ifs.

allgrownup - I'm not as half full as the post may suggest! I'm always one to worry, but I'm also one who hopes. And I know I'm not the first woman to go through this. And we've got Cubling, that makes up for sooo much!!!

Claire, so am I! I am moving on, just thought I'd post this for sake of completion and information for those going through something similar.

Brit in Bosnia, thanks, miscarriages are really so very common. They say 20% of pregnancies, well, my last count in my circle of friends looks more like 50% of pregnancies. Of course this may have something to do with other factors (age?)

Mother at large - thanks and glad you found me!

The wife of bold said...

You have demonstrated amazing courage, and what a great perspective to have - i have also suffered a misscarraige early on (8 weeks) and although i did get on with thing s and didn't dwell too much i don't think i could have been so strong as to sit anongst other pregnant women and look on at their scan pictures so soon. Sorry for your loss and goodluck x



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