Monday, 25 October 2010


Cubling is a right charmer at the moment.

She'll call anyone "silly poo poo bum bum" who will listen to her. Somehow, there's nothing more hilarious than running about with her cousin incessantly shouting "poo poo" and "bum bum".

Or how about the clearly intoxicated dad picking up his son from nursery, whom she told that he's "silly"? I was mortified he may lash out at her. Thankfully he was clearly drunk but quite a placid chap.

Then she told the bride she looked like a snail in her dress?
Honestly, there was no snail resemblence.

Another friend was persistently addressed as "granny". She's roughly my age.

She will also happily point to a beer bellied man/curvacious woman and shout out "Why does that man/lady have such a big tummy? That is funny!!!"

Come to think of it, daddy is really quite lucky to be called Goldilocks.



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