Friday, 15 October 2010

Goodbye pregnancy and all that

Some of the joys of pregnancy, even if now a full month beyond me:

- For 3 nights in a row I sweated. A lot. So much that I was getting worried. But lo and behold, my ankles returned and my feet and legs looked lovely. Not that they are especially lovely, just in comparison, you know, to oedemic massive incarnations of them, they suddenly looked very beautiful to me.
A quick step on the scales confirmed that I'd lost 6kg in water retention (for the Brits amongst you, that's almost a stone!). Ha, 3 days and a stone lost, hurray. Only three more days and I should be back to pre pregnancy weight.

- Cubling is rather concerned about my tummy. Part of it is to do with wanting lifted and mummy refusing because of her sore tummy. Part of it is her doubt that baby is truly out. She still thinks there may be another one hiding. Yesterday, in public, she asked me "is your Bauch kleiner yet?" Thank goodness it was half German.

- A friend invited me to an Ann Summers party. Is it me or is it normal that an Ann Summers party fills you with dread a month post baby ejection? Especially now that sloggys are your new best friend because they don't rub on the offending bikini line cut?

- You take incredible joy out of being able to fit into one pre pregnancy item. I'm sure there would be more joy if I could squeeze myself into more, but see point above, anything that my touch offending line is relegated to the back of my wardrobe. And yes, I still wear maternity trousers. Yes, you guessed it, over bump ones (ouch).

- Why though can't I get my wedding ring back on? Now that water retention is gone, it should fit again??? Well, it doesn't, and it seems that my knuckle bone has grown. Honest, it's not the fat, it's the bone that doesn't give way. I'm worried.

- Then there's the postnatal return of my dodgy foot. Strangely with all SPD, sore hips, backs and pubic bones (ouch) my foot went pain free for 9 months. Shame it's back really. There's no cure apparently. Makes you wonder what on earth pregnancy hormones are up to. Maybe hormones could cure it? Maybe I've just had a fabulous medical research idea or even invented a miracle cure for neuroma?

- Finally, pregnancy seems to have done havoc to my communicative abilities. I don't know what it is but I keep saying things that are potentially or actually offensive. I am considering just shutting up a bit more as I can't seem to be able to pick my words more wisely (it's not about wisdom, just about picking the right words rather than the wrong ones that come out of my mouth). Of course I'm blaming pregnancy here, but honestly, it's something that's been happening a lot recently.

Yes it's all amazing to be growing a baby. It was my mantra. But somehow, just a tiny weeny bit, I am unspeakably glad that I'm not pregnant anymore. I rather wear my babe outside than inside.

Did you enjoy pregnancy? I won't be offended if you did, being pregnant just doesn't cut it for me, on a purely selfish level.



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