Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Daddy: Good morning Snowflake!
Cubling: NO Daddy! That's wrong, you need speak German!
Daddy: Oh, right, Guten Morgen Schneefloeckchen!

I think Cubling has taken my telling her that Snowflake only speaks/understand German rather literally. It appears that Daddy has to brush up his German skills from now on and play the part ;)

The next blogging carnival on bilingualism is now open for submissions. If you recently blogged about the trials and tribulation of raising children bilingually, or anything relating to this, or if you have a post in the making, please submit it to Corey at Multilingual Living; by Tuesday 26th Oct. Please email her your name, your post URL, your blog URL and some info on your blog. Email is corey at multilingualliving dot com.

See you there!



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