Sunday, 10 October 2010

You should never blog about...

... why you're not blogging.
Ha, who says I can't? Well, I'm not very active at the moment on the blogging front because Snowflake likes to be held. And I can't resist her. You know, she's gonna be my last babe and I cannot not hold her if she likes it so much. And typing one handed - somehow my computer messes words up, it's not working for me.

We have an odd routine, Cubling is in bed by 8pm, Snowflake is super active and won't leave my arms until midnight, then sleeps (mostly; with one feed around 4-6 am, followed by 2 hours of wakefulness), Cubling wakes at 7pm, so one of them is always looking for attention. She won't let me blog. I had to tell her off to even write this, she was trying hard to obscure the screen with her drawing of a big wheel. I fear my blog may be slightly neglected for a while yet, especially with October week coming up (= no nursery for Cubling, doh) followed by 2 in service days at the nursery (again this means almost no nursery for another week). I can see myself frequenting the only local attraction for toddlers rather a lot, but watch out, only 2 more weeks before I can hit the roads again!

Which made me wonder, how come that every single baby will sleep happily snuggled into you, while nursing, or after, or just like that, or while daddy bounces her on a birth ball, but as soon as you try to oh so carefully transfer them into a cot/pram/bouncy chair they will instantly notice and wake up?

And last night, Cubling declared that we girls are the three bears and that daddy is Goldilocks and can't come into the living room ;)



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