Wednesday, 13 October 2010

a trip to the big shiny lights or the one where mummy took the wrong train home

Today I was brave. I packed up Snowflake in her sling, took Cubling by the hand and left the house at 11.45 am destination City Centre. We were late, our idea was to make it to the children's theatre show "The Shoemaker and the Elves" for 12.30. Sometimes though, toddlers can cooperate and Cubling ran to the train station and from the train station to the Scottish Youth Theatre. We made it, just, but we did, at a speed which was equivalent to my normal childfree fast walking pace.

Cubling wasn't sure at first, all the darkness and so many people and children, then the props and strange people behaving oddly interacting with her. She clung to her mummy, until half way through the show, curiosity got the better of her and transformed her into her usual assertive self. She kind of took over ... I'm not sure where she's got that confidence and energy from, it's certainly not me. I find it rather amusing, cute, but sometimes, it's worrying. She'll make friends with strangers in no time and I can't get myself to give her a stranger danger talk, destroying that innocent trust in people that she has. Trust is a good thing, we don't trust enough and it's refreshing to see how trusting a 3 year old can be who hasn't been disappointed by life yet.

After a feeding three hungry mouth's break, we went on. Thanks to it being October week, there was also a music workshop for children on, one of the type that we had tried and dismissed when Cubling was 15 months. Then, she would not sit still or participate in circle activities, while moving all the time and generally causing disapproving looks and words. While I knew that she really enjoyed it, I didn't like the attitude towards my slightly more energetic toddler, and we didn't return. Now, she took control. She loved every second of it, participated in every suggested activity and watched the facilitators every move, listened to her every word, to get it just right. She was almost a bit overbearing in comparison to the quieter children. Ambivalently, I admired her and worried that she may become girl that may be a bit on the pushy side.
It is strange to see her confidence, it's so unlike my own toddler self.

So we had a bit of a culture shock in the Big City. When daddy came home, what did she remember of the day?
"I goed on the train! I walked into a door and banged my head! I had a slice of carrot cake! Then mummy took the wrong train home!"

So much for the fruits of the effort of dragging two kids into the Scottish Youth Theatre and the National Youth Choir for some theatre and music education. Sigh.



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