Friday, 24 July 2009

before and after

To get me over my current inability to put any of my thoughts into readable blogposts, here's a short before and after.

2 years into mummyhood, I managed to pick up gardening again (after Cubling finally forced me into giving up my allotment when she was 6 months old and it had become very clear that there was no way she would sit in a buggy while I enjoyed digging, planting, weeding and harvesting without screaming her head off - I blogged about this, please read this post because it's one of my better posts). Last year's effort was, well, not great, but this year I'm starting to see some results.

So, thanks to Glasgow Wood Recycling, I got 2 raised beds, made from reclaimed wood. I started filling one of them just after I miscarried, between bouts of feeling very dizzy and close to fainting, but the pride and spite of having done it was fab. Only now do I see the link to how I felt when I gave up my allotment, one seed for the more important seed of Cubling so to say, now planting to make up for my baby seed lost. I Still didn't have a lot of time to do much sowing and planting, I still managed to put in two courgette plants (one of them turns out to be a squash/pumpkin type plant), plenty of lettuce, lots of different herbs, one strawberry plant. Harvest time is around about now, and there's nothing better than picking a courgette, perparing it straight from the garden and eating it the same day. Desert: strawberries. Yum yum. Just as well Cubling doesn't do fruit, all the more for meeee!

Raised bed no 2 is in constant planning, once I get around to picking up compost from Alloa's dump (apparently, there's great compost to be had for free, if only I could remember to take bags). I so like the way they look, they really add to our garden, even hubby, who wasn't sure they would look nice and was reluctant to get them, is now converted. We still plan to paint them in funky colours once Cubling will be able to join the fun.

Thanks to the Towards Transition Glasgow Network, I came across the Ooooby Network. This is where gardeners can share everything around gardening, including linking up locally, sharing seeds, seedlings, produce, ideas etc. A fabulous idea, any gardener will know that you end up having too many of one veg, and being able to exchange will make your crop bigger without any extra effort. The network is growing, but a fabulous idea, so if you are a vegetable gardener, please check it out, join, and if you're in Scotland like me, join my brand new Ooooby Scotland Group!

So that's the raised beds before and after:

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SandyCalico said...

I read your other post and I could feel the sadness. I love your new vegetable patch, what a great idea!



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