Thursday, 2 July 2009

Is it that time already????

There is something dooming over the Cartside household. It's been coming for a long time but somehow I thought that ignoring it may be a rather clever idea and work just fine for us. However, as usual, it's not mummy or daddy who make the decisions here, draw up the rules and control the timing. No. It's a 2 year old with unbound energy levels who never sits still and who just happens to have a bucketloads of ideas of her own.

Cubling doesn't like to be left by herself in a room. Nothing new there, she never did, and so she'll follow me everywhere, convenient or not. This has always included the toilet, with half hearted efforts on my side to explain that really, there was no need to accompany me because I was well able to do a pipi and a poopoo all by myself, being a big girl. Recently though, it's been rather amusing: As soon as the flush is administered, I get my gold star: "good boy mummy!". There are no boys at the childminder, so she must have picked the phrase up from her auntie, who currently happens to be potty training Cubling's 2 1/2 year old cousin.

Being compliant, I asked her if she would like to do her pipi and her poopoo in her potty. The answer was a definite "no" and "nenene".

Well, that was 3 weeks ago.

For the last week or so, there was much huffing and puffing about sore Popo (bum), Popo sauber (clean bum!) and nappy off, accompanied by much whining. There is only so much whining I can take after a long day at work, and there was heaps of it. Now, I really and truly do not want to start potty training, nappies are great, and seeing the number of accidents and amount of washing in Cubling's cousin's house, there is nothing enticing about the idea. Did I say who rules the Cartside home?

So last night I relented. Nappy off. Cubling sits on potty. For 2 seconds. Up. Down. Up. Down. Carries potty to next room. Puts potty on head (yuck!), proudly declaring it to be a "hat". Takes it upstairs, then downstairs. Momentarily her attention is diverted to another toy, there is a splash of wee, Cubling doesn't like it at all, cries, mummy gets potty, Cubling sits. For 2 seconds. Up. Down. Up. Down. Carries potty to next room. Puts potty on head (yuck!), proudly declaring it to be a "hat". Takes it upstairs, then downstairs. Momentarily, her attention is diverted to another toy. She squats (not on the potty) ...

Need I say more?
She helpfully mumbled something about "doggy!" "doggy poo doing!", slightly forgetting that she's not actually a dog. Although the similarities were striking. Of the sausage, not her.

This is followed by explaining that it would be better to squat on potty (after cleaning that is) and sure enough, she does, for 2 seconds, gets up, looks at it, and cheers "yay!!!", runs off. Not a drop in the potty.

The repeat was on tonight (without the accidents thank goodness for that).

I really and truly don't want to potty train yet. My plan was to wait until she was sure to be able to do it and then go for it in a week or so, short and sweet. But now that she can take off her clothes, and her nappy, and doesn't want her nappy on, what say have I in the matter?

photo by: kyz.


Maternal Tales said...

Oh dear - you poor thing! Well as you already know, I have great experience with this matter, an a lot of empathy too! But I'm not quite sure what advice to give you - it does take a while! Keep going with it though seeing as she's paying it some interest - just have lots of wipes and patience at the ready! Good luck x

Really Rachel said...

Sounds familiar! Our toddler likes to watch Pingu on daddy's phone while she sits on the potty - it keeps her still, at least!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

The potty trainers amoung us feel your pain. Mat Tales has good advice. And really, it isn't that bad. Well, maybe it is. But when they get there, it is GREAT. Good luck. If I think of any useful advice then I'll let you know.

(Gina Ford does a book on potty training. Whilst I am no GF fan, and it does take longer than 7 days - I think she has some sensible advice here. Mainly, get them to the point that they are ready, they know what the potty is for, have had a few successes and then make the switch to pants and no going back. It is so painful for about a week - even more so as you can't go any where due to unpotty trained bottoms on the loose - but then they get the hang of it and you are away. I had FOUR attempts before Luke was ready, but attempt No. 4 was successful in about 3 days :-)))

SandyCalico said...

*sobs* I've got all this to come!!!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Bleugh. Potty training. Bleugh bleugh bleugh. I am already scared to bits.
Tagged you over at mine. xx MM

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Ooo, just thought of a new thing to add. Best to have toddler in Crocs shoes during the potty training time as they are very easy to wash... (just in the process of washing some myself...)

cartside said...

Oh Crocs, should have thought about that when I bought her summer shoes... Well, she has lost interest for the moment, phew. She is not one to sit still ever, so while interested in the potty and not having nappies on, she has never done anything into it. I plan to give it a go at some point this summer (or just dump it on the childminder hehehe). Oh yes, cold turkey, I've heard about that and my sister in law went that route. It's just so hard to tell when they are actually ready. Cubling is definitely giving me mixed messages.

Dancinfairy said...

Hi, I came here via the BMB carnival. I with SandyCalico here, not looking forward to potty training At All.



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