Wednesday, 22 July 2009

weekend in pictures: Cumbrae

This year's family holiday took us to Millport, aka the Isle of Cumbrae (just that everyone calls the island by the name of its one and only town, Millport). It's a one hour drive from Glasgow, we stayed one night. You may think that doesn't qualify for the annual family holiday, but for us, this year, with more important stuff to spend our annual leave on, it was. And it was fabulous.

We cycled around the island on Saturday (it's not half as sporty as it sounds, the round trip measures 10 miles and it's super flat) and stayed overnight in the Cathedral College. The Cathedral of the Isles is the smallest cathedral of the UK (in fact, Cumbrae also boasts the narrowest house in the UK), and to maintain it, the former monks' rooms have been converted into a hotel. There's a very calm and relaxing atmosphere to this hotel. It's got 3 stars, some rooms are en suite others aren't and although reasonably basic for a hotel, it's got a lot going for it. There are massive common rooms for spending the evenings in, filled with old furniture, big open fires and a library of books. You'll find the minister (or whatever you call an episcopal church man) in the common room and at the breakfast table, which is served communally at 9am. Our room had a window out (in) to the cathedral interior, which was extra special and also treated Cubling to lovely violin/piano/flute music to fall asleep to from 8-10pm. Of course, we were worried it may keep her awake, but oh no, Cubling has been transferred into a log when it comes to sleeping. Who would have thought it a year ago. Anyway, it was lovely to listen to the calming music through the monitor.

I really enjoyed the stay, and could see myself spending a week in that place. Cumbrae is a small island as you may have deducted from the above, but it's got all you need for a lovely family holiday with toddler. Beaches with heaps of shells, it's a cycle friendly island, there's plenty of quaint and beautiful shops, even a museum, a sensory trail around the coast, seabirds, seals, walks, cafe's and if you're hardy, you can actually bathe in the sea. Not for me, I'm not that Scottish yet.

Cubling absolutely loved the trip. So much to see. So much squeaking for pure enjoyment when on her bike seat. And when she pointed out the Moewe (seagull) sitting on the Loewe (lion), she even showed her first glimpse of poetry!

::Ferry from Largs to Cumbrae::
::First Steps in the Sea::

::Crocodile Rock::
::Throwing big stones::
::Mr Tumble, by Daddy and Cubling::
::Feeling the Sea::

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SandyCalico said...

I felt relaxed just reading about your holiday. It sounds wonderful. Great photos too.



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