Thursday, 2 July 2009

food, glorious comfort food

My diet has been on standby for the past week. I was stressed. I was trying to do too many things at once and felt like something heavy was pushing me down. Blame it on stress at work and 2 very hard weeks, a knock on the door of sadness at hearing sorrowful stories, even if from people I don't even know myself, making emotions surface that I thought I'd chased away with happy thoughts and happy actions.

Anyway, something had to give and it was food. I like food, especially if sweet. Lots of cakes, a BBQ, chocolate, grazing and eating more than I needed. Still trying not to binge eat and I think I just about managed that.

I kept up some version of exercise regime, not as frequently as planned but at least I upped the duration and intensity, and even went for a jog (the 3rd after falling pregnant with Cubling, i.e. in exactly 3 years) which was tough going, Tollcross Park is full of hills and the "heatwave" midday sun didn't help. Not that I believe in this being a heatwave, for goodness sake, it's only 25C that's nice, perfect indeed, not a heatwave! Still, it's so frustrating to get back into it and feels the legs heavy heavy heavy after just 10 mins, when you used to do a 60 min fast jog as a nice end of day relaxation time.

I should be back on track with my Recycle Week forfeit of no chocolate for a week (that's this week) and once the brown stuff is out of my system, it'll get easier again. I hope. Anyway, I'm glad I didn't gain any more than I did.

So for a very brief weigh-in:

weight today (Thurday): 159 lbs, put on 1lb since last week. 11 lbs to go.

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Metropolitan Mum said...

Haha. I have a BBQ to blame as well. My sister has been here to visit - how could I have dieted???
You got me impressed with jogging in the 'heatwave'. Not in a million years would I attempt such bravery...



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