Monday, 13 December 2010

3 months

Snowflake will be 3 months today. It feels like a second birthday after all we've been through. This is what she's up to at the moment:

She loves:
  • her big sister
  • smiling
  • cooing
  • sleeping in the sling
  • arching her head right back
  • being bounced on the exercise ball by daddy
  • sleeping right cuddled into mummy
  • watching mummy from the bouncy chair
  • opening her mouth wide (I think this is her way of laughing, but not quite sure)
  • her traditional wooden playgym, which has entertained at least 4 babes already
She doesn't like:
  • the car seat or car journeys (though things are getting better)
  • the mamaroo for any length of time (sorry)
  • falling asleep (hard to get her to sleep without a wee cry)
  • her cot
  • her pram (unless it's moving)
  • wet or dirty nappies (instant changing is very much required)
  • tummytime
No two babes are the same:
  • She is ok travelling in the pram, while Cubling hated it with a passion
  • She still likes facing mummy in the sling, while Cubling was keen to look out
  • She is breastfed only, Cubling was supplemented with formula from 12 weeks
  • We've not had any problem with breastfeeding (I don't count hourly feeds during the night as a problem, though reserve the right to change my mind about that)
  • She naps during the day. Cubling just got over stimulated and couldn't be convinced to nap.
  • She didn't have colic or unconsolable crying. I even mostly know what's up if she does cry and can remedy it.
  • She's happy to spend some time in bouncy chair or playgym. Cubling needed carried all the time (until we discovered the electric swing...)
  • She refuses to sleep in her cot and will invariably wake at any transfer attempt, while Cubling always started the night in her cot
I still think her smile is the most wonderful thing in the world. She looks more like her big sister every day (though her hair is considerably darker), I can't wait to see how similar and different the two will be - while I also don't want these early days to pass. Time seems to be flying this time around, just imagine, only another 3 months and we'll be doing solids!



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