Wednesday, 15 December 2010

and the result of the Spanish jury is...

Oh man, what a build up to the hearing test results I got.
This is how it went: nurse does the test. Doesn't comment on it, but says the doctor will see us shortly.

Not a wording I particularly liked.

Thankfully the wait wasn't too long, we were called in by an extremely nice Spanish audiologist. Which kind of distracted me a bit, you see, I love a nice Spanish accent and so I was rather happy to chat away about bilingual kids and what walks of life from Spain make their way to Glasgow in general and in particular, while Cubling took apart an ear model with increasing interest. (mental note: a body model to take apart may be a good birthday present for her)

Eventually it was time to discuss the results.

Cue even more suspense by explaining:
a) why we are having this test (as if I didn't know that my baby had meningitis, pneumococcal at this, which has a 10% risk of death and in survivors, a 10% risk of hearing loss. Did I not already say that I hate medical statistics?)
b) what the ear looks like, what may happen during meningitis to what parts of the ear and how the test works
c) that the scope of the tests is limited but gives a decent indication

To finally be told that Snowflake passed it with flying colours.

And has to come back for a second test in 4 months time just to make sure.

However, the nice Spanish audiologist has no cause for concern.

And just to convince her ever worrying mummy, Snowflake just got a real good fright from a not so loud noise. I forget which, but it was more than obvious that she hears.

Phew. Breath and relax. One down, at least two still to go. But I think I may sleep a bit easier tonight.



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