Thursday, 2 December 2010

First day home

We got out of hospital early. Which was great because it's a good sign. I longed to be out in the snow that I saw fall from my 7th floor viewing point. The reality is always different. The hospital did my routine, between doctor's visit, checks, medication, canteen, and lots of television (x-factor and I'm a celebrity are just perfect for keeping your mind off things) - now at home things are a bit all over the place. Cubling missed me and asked not to go to nursery. When I also realised the effort involved in undigging the snowed in car it just seemed a ridiculous effort to get her to nursery. So I spent the day with the girls, went out in the now with sledge and camera. Not that we ventured far, but enough to be amazed by the snow.

Snowflake is also a bit clingy still and has started teething, so not the happiest camper. Of course that's nothing in comparison to what she has been through, just that two clingy kids make any attempt at carrying on as normal a bit fraught. Our almost picture perfect routine pre-hospital has been truly shaken up. It'll be some time before we're back to normal.


All the well wishes are so appreciated, the text messages, blog comments and cards received and read in hospital kept me together, when days blurred into one another and I felt lonely and miles away from my normal life.

I will post about what happened, but not today. Instead, why not have a look at this months bilingual blogging carnival (I don't have a post in it this time for obvious reasons). There's some great posts, and new blogs to discover.



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