Tuesday, 30 June 2009

2014 and the Common Wealth (Games)

This is not the title of a new sci fi novel. Oh no. 2014 is a magic date for all us Weegies (Glaswegians) because it's when the Commonwealth Games come to town.

The excitement is not just about the Games themselves, mind you. It's all about the Commonwealth Games Legacy, a lasting, positive, and all encompassing change to Glasgow which will benefit this city and the whole of Scotland. The Games for the Common Wealth of Glasgow.

A tall order in times of recession of course.

So what does it take to make Glasgow a better place? What changes can we bring about in the next 5 years to improve life chances and make changes which are sustainable? I think about this a lot, and have certainly been inspired by the Commonwealth Orchards - but surely there must be more we can do?

So I asked a group of Parkhead children what they would want to see changed in the next 5 years. That's an eternity to them, the mere thought of being 15 in 2014 boggled their minds, and caused lots of giddyness, jumping about and silly faces. They had some excellent ideas though and we explored them, thanks to the input of Media Arts + Services Scotland, through 3D animation (which above all is great fun and combines traditional with modern media). The film will be forthcoming in a months time, but there's lots to show right now. They used pens, photo cameras, plasticine, scissors, paper, tape records, film cameras and computers to express their views.

In words:
security doors so the drunks don't pee in our close
renovate Tollcross Park play area so it's safe and attractive to use
get rid of all the litter in streets
have vehicles that can fly so the roads are not so busy
have cctv so we don't get attacked and can walk safely
build a sports centre (that's actually being done!)

In pictures:

Podcast and animated clips to follow.

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