Wednesday, 17 March 2010

aardvarks, other pigs, trains, trees, houses and co-sleepers

One of Cubling's favourite books at the moment is Anthony and the Aardvark. I'm not going to particularly recommend it - it's an ok book, but I don't quite understand her infatuation with it, it's not that great. To be honest, I'd never heard of an aardvark before we were given this book. It's one of those nice books that are easy to translate on the read, so it passes as a mummy and daddy book. Tonight, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, an aardvark is not an aardvark in German and that I should look it up for the sake of a decent translation. And I learned that aardvark is an Erdferkel (earth/soil piglet) in German (which again I've never heard of) and that indeed, I need to change my translation. Let's hope Cubling won't object. Because object she does rather a lot at the moment.

On the topic of pigs, yesterday I was finally offered to have my H1N1 jab which I'd put off for the first trimester of pregnancy. It was rather amusing reading though the common side effects, because to be honest, I currently have most of these due to being pregnant. A day later though, I have to admit that my left arm is really quite sore, and as a consequence I slept very badly. Because I slept badly, I have a splitting headache. Because I have a splitting headache I'm short tempered, and yes, I did lose my patience when Cubling timed her poo perfectly while I was cooking after having returned from a longer than usual workday with very little time to cook, eat and do bedtime; and when once again she refused to be cleaned of her poo which once again she had refused to do on the toilet. Of course she more than anything refused to be cleaned by anyone but mummy. Blame it on the swine. I guess at least she didn't hold it in for 3 days this time. No, not the swine. The poo.

Today marked the last official day at the childminder and tomorrow marks the first day in a forest kindergarten. The thermals are out, although I failed to source toddler sized thermal socks and waterproof gloves. The first lunchbox ever is packed and I'm nervous that the promised pack of waterproofs may not be waiting for her. I'm nervous about the finality of it all, the way she still asks to go to a different nursery, the crabbitness at the end of a long day at nursery because she fails to nap. Will I ever get my cheerful girl back in the evenings? Or will there be many days like yesterday, when she was so tired that she cried inconsolably for one hour, and after that still clung to me like velcro with occasional whinging, making any attempt at preparing dinner futile.

In preparation for tiddler, I've got my mind set on the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. No, this is not a sponsored post, I'm simply keen on having this ridiculously overpriced product. Basically, it allows you to have baby beside you without actually co-sleeping. I'm not opposed to co-sleeping and did so extensively with Cubling, but for the first months I'm also very worried about the safety and I hope that this co-sleeper will be a perfect compromise. Not that I can afford it, but hey, sometimes you get lucky and there's one near me being sold second hand and I'm incredibly excited about this.

I'm also considering Hypnobabies. When I was pregnant with Cubling, I used Hypnobirthing which did wonders in getting me to overcome my overwhelming fear of childbirth. It didn't get rid of the pain as it promises, but considering my attitude change from being mortified at the thought of giving birth to looking forward to the process with excitement and joy was definitely worth it. I'd quite like to try something similar yet different, to see if it could help me go the whole way without intervention this time. If only it wasn't so expensive... So any second hand offers, do let me know.

I've also managed to source a beautiful traditional wooden doll's house which will be Cubling's surprise present. It's full of potential, with both the house and the furniture unpainted, and none of the pink dreaminess of your average ELC et al. wooden doll house. What Cubling really wants, and she's more than clear about it, is a train set. Which of course she'll get - as long as I get my doll's house. Party plans are in full swing, and to make up for lack of party or any sense of wanting to celebrate her birthday last year, this year there shall be two parties.

Finally it's carnival time over at Baby Baby. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy.



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