Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Hip hip hurray!

Just for a bit of fun and variety I thought it would be nice if Daddy Cartside would write a post on this very special day.
Happy Birthday! Our wee girl is three today, and I'm falling in love again. I once saw a TV program where the presenter declared that she could determine the adult characteristics of a child at three years. So now I can't stop looking at her; trying to imagine the "big girl" or even adult version. I know I shouldn't; I hope it's a phase. The council nursery sent us home a photo sampler, and she looks so sweet and happy. To be honest, that's because she is! Not that she can't be grumpy too, but overall she loves to laugh and giggle, and delights everyone she meets. As you can imagine, we're very proud and happy too. Where did she come from? Was it really Mummy's tummy? It's all a little bit like magic isn't it?

You know she's learning German, right? Did Mummy Cartside tell you what she said the other day? "I love he." No, she wasn't referring to yours truly, it was the Gruffalo! Well, a tiny cuddly Gruffalo. I seized the initiative and lined it up for our bedtime reading session; and we got through it no problem. Hurray!

In the morning we'll show her her new doll's house, and the train set in the evening. I hope the nursery remember. Will they sing her a song? Give her a card? Make her feel special? I do hope so. Will she know her age at last? She did the other day, but "didn't know" by the evening.



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