Friday, 19 March 2010

Conversations in bed

We have a lovely habit of Cubling coming through to our bed on mornings where I'm off work. It's the last remnant of our extensive co-sleeping, just that nowadays she won't ever sleep in our bed, but cuddle, chat, tickle and play tent. Or pick up my guitar and change the string tension. Thanks my darling. Yes, we have a guitar in the bedroom. That's because between us, we have a guitar for every room or so, we have to put the things somewhere.

Today we had an interesting conversation. After reminding her that it'll soon be her birthday and that we were going to go to the shop today to get stuff for her party (which in turn meant many tears as she couldn't get why we got stuff for a party but that party wasn't happening today), I asked her what she'd want for a present. "I want Santa to bring me choo choo! Eisenbahn!" comes her reply - a constant for the past few weeks. Then she adds "George play with choo choo. Peppa play yoyo. I want a yoyo from Santa!!!!" Right. Too late now my love. (NB we have never ever watched Peppa Pig at home)

She then goes on to point to my breasts stating that they are for babies to drink milk from. I remind her that she too once had milk from there. She ponders, edging on disbelief. "I want my milk in a cup." she states. "I'm not a baby."

I spent the rest of the day explaining that:
- She'll be three on Tuesday
- Santa only brings presents at Christmas but not for her birthday, that'll be mummy, daddy, auntie, granny and grampa etc
- Her party is not today and no, she can't have the sausages, hats, etc now
- There won't be presents for her cousin and her friends, just for her
- Her party is not today.
- Her party is not today.

Do I need to add that there was many a tear about the fact that we didn't have a party today? I feel rather guilty for having taken her to the shop...



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