Sunday, 7 March 2010


How many chapters does potty training have? I guess I've still got to find out.

Cubling will be three very soon, and last week was her settling week at nursery. Since we started potty training in late December, we've bribed her with going to nursery, insisting she could only go to nursery once she was using the potty/toilet. After a rather unsuccessful start, Cubling did magically decide to want to use the toilet. However, on the behest of the childminder (who goes out a lot and couldn't guarantee a toilet when one was needed), she was still in pull up nappies. Which was fine. Some days, the nappy came home wet. Mostly, it was dry.

Then came the runs. Not in a bad bad way. Cubling is not someone who poos a lot at the best of times - I still remember her every 10-12 days routine when she was a baby, which freaked me out big time. Since we started potty training, she's been holding the poos in. Not too bad, we're not in the realm of constipation, but she was sore and uncomfortable doing the business, and there were tears and the need for big mummy cuddles before the jobby would find its way into the toilet. Three attempts were the norm, usually during dinner - yes, we were back to mummy having to eat cold dinner. I was loving it.

So diarrhoea. Not sure if it was a bug, but considering that both childminder and I came down with it too, it probably was real. I lasted long, but the frequency made any GP laugh. I know my daughter and yes, twice a day, explosive liquid, for her, is diarrhoea. I understood that it was hard making the toilet. I understood that the cramps preceding the explosion were scary and didn't make the toilet attractive. However, I didn't exactly find cleaning up such explosions that would make their way, well, everywhere, attractive either. Remember, I'm pregnant and still rather pukeish, especially when presented with .... Better not think about it.

So, runs have been and gone, we're back to alternate days pooing and a certain degree of holding in. Just that now, she refuses to go anywhere near the toilet when a poo is imminent. I can smell it. She complains of not feeling well hours before the deed. Tummy rubs are requested. As are cuddles. And the poo still goes into the pants.

I can't exactly say that tomorrow there will be no nursery because she's not pooing where she should be pooing. More immediate bribery won't work - yes, she wants the chocolate, badly even, but when given the choice of chocolate if poo in loo, or poo in pants and no chocolate, it's the latter.

So I've tried to get to the bottom of the problem (imagine the following exchange in German):
Me: why are you crying?
C: I no want to do poopoo in the toilet.
Me: why not?
C: I no like it!
Me: why don't you like it (now I feel a lot like her, copying her endless why's)
C: I no like it!
Me: Yes, I know, but why don't you like it?
C: I no like it whoobaaaahhh.
Me: Do you prefer to poo in the nappy?
C: Yes!!!!

Ok. That was rather profound. To summarise, she doesn't like pooing in the toilet. I think it may be sore. I think she may have some fear. I think but I can't be sure.

I've heard that this is a normal stage and will pass. Which leaves me with the question if nappies are on or off for nursery. The staff have said they're happy to deal with accidents, but if I ever get my child back again with dried poo all over her legs and clothes (as happened one day when she was at the childminder) and a nappy rash that makes her scream when touched, I think I'd rather go back to nappies.

However, when asked by fellow mums if I was doing night training yet, I almost sprayed my juice all over the gathered mummy crowd. One step at a time, my loveys. This is not a competition, right?

Perfectly Happy Mum
and Irish Mammy on the Run are potty training right now too. Just in case you are slightly obsessed with the topic like I am at the moment.



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