Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Secret Post Club, the MADS and why we should listen to children

Umph. How rubbish am I getting at blogging. What with not managing to catch up on all my unwritten posts, here I go again muddling them all together into some incoherent mess. Neither the Secret Post Club, nor the MADS, nor the short but poignant video on why we should listen to children deserve this.

So please bear with me and read on, because it's all lovely stuff I have to share!

This is the first month that I've joined the Secret Post Club which the lovely Heather over at Notes from Lapland is organising (and I'm sure that's a part time job) and you wouldn't believe my excitement when I receive the package - I was rarther curious to find out who sent it and naturally what it was. Bare Naked Mummy really hit the nail on the head with a lovely bath pampering set and a fridge magnet sticky note pad, for that pregnancy brain of mine. And for Cubling, she quite enjoys playing with it and colouring in the elephant (it's the shape of elephants). Such a thoughtful present. Sorry for the lack of a photo, I promise improvement!

All last week I've been trying to ignore the MAD Blogger Awards. You see, I really really don't think I deserve any of the categories, plus I'm not exactly someone particularly active in building the mummy blogger community (I just love to read blogs and blog myself), but of course I also have an ego (and not a small one at that) so I knew I'd fret whether I'd be in it or not. And sure enough, when I saw that I didn't even get a single nomination, I was having a massive tantrum a little bit disappointed. Thankfully MrsW from Clinically Fed Up (oh how I envy that blog name!) came to my rescue (and I belief there was only a little bit no coercion involved). Admittedly I also felt a bit guilty for not having submitted my own nominations (who am I to complain not to get nominated when I can't get my act together to nominate people?), and boy was that hard. So many good blogs out there, such a hard call to make. I think it's a fab idea, especially because the MADs have already introduced me to a few blogs that I didn't know yet. So get your nominations in, only a few days to go now, and of course don't forget to nominate me! (Only joking, I'm quite reconciled with the world now and you can save your nominations for the real fab blogs out there).

Lastly, but not leastly, here's a great short film about why we should listen to children a bit more when making decision that affect them. The young people in the film are all members of Save the Children's Global Panel and recently met up in London, bringing together their views and experiences of Save the Children's Programme work across the globe.



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