Monday, 8 March 2010

A Museum of Poverty

Imagine you live in a time in the future where there was no child poverty in the UK.
What would it look like?

Now, because you want to show people what child poverty was like and to make sure those bad times never come back, you're looking for exhibits that represent poverty, to put them into a museum of poverty.
What would you choose?

Save the Children in Scotland worked with groups of children, young people and parents/carers and they've come up with 20 items they would put in a museum of poverty. They were first displayed at the Scottish Parliament last Thursday. We almost missed the launch due to being stuck in traffic (lesson learned about 5 times so far - never think a car gets you from Glasgow to Edinburgh faster than the train, even if everybody says so) for about 3 hours, but we were there in time for the speeches and to even catch a glimpse of the finished exhibition. Of course, I can still have a look because the museum is currently stored in our office before it will go on a grand tour across the country.

So then, what would you put into the Poverty Museum?



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