Sunday, 23 May 2010

Bedtime conversation

It's been hot. Three really hot days with lots of outdoor activities, mostly with her beloved cousin and Cubling is both exhausted and overstimulated. So, instead of the usual ease of bedtime (yes we are currently lucky, after 2 years of not being lucky on the sleep front so I feel we deserve it), she starts to cry. I go in and or conversation goes something like that:

"I'm ein bisschen kalt!" (I'm a little bit cold - for the rest of this, I'll keep to English rather than her charming Denglish. Just imagine her mixing up languages and me consistently answering in German)
"You are cold? No way, it's so hot! Look at you, you're drenched in sweat. You're hot, not cold."
"Mami, I want to cuddle a bit."
"Mami, I'm a little bit hungry. Maybe I want a banana."
"Ok, here's a banana."
"The banana is a little bit like a rainbow. And a little bit like a slide."
"Yes, you're right."

 "Mami, I'm a little bit scared of the bugs."
"But there are no bugs?"
"Yes there are, there's a fly over there. Maybe it's looking for his dinner"
"Oh, yes, that's a fly. It's not a bug though and it doesn't do you any harm, you don't need to be scared of it."
"I'm a little bit scared of the fly."
"I think the fly is a little bit scared of you, because you are so big and the fly is so small."
"Mami, you're a little bit scared of the fly"
"No, Cubling, I'm not at all scared of flies. I'm a little bit scared of lions and crocodiles, but not of flies."
"I'm scared of lions and crocodiles and dinosaurs. I only like Mami, Daddy, Aunty R, cousin A and me."
"It's ok to be a little bit scared of crocodiles and lions and dinosaurs. But there are none here, so you don't need to be scared at all."
"I no like it if it's very very dark. I no like close my eyes and it's all dark"
"But you see it's still a little bit light, it's not dark at all so you don't need to be scared."
"Maybe I'm a bit like a baby"
"Big girls like lions, crocodiles and monsters. And I no like them. I'm a little bit like a baby."
"Oh, but you're a little girl. Maybe when you're older and you're a big girl, you'll like lions, crocodiles and monsters too."
"Mami, I want to see the baby"
"Ok, (I show her my bellybutton). Do you want to say goodnight to the baby?"
"Good night baby! Mami, I want you to stay in bed with me, not leave the room."
"Cubling, I'm always with you even when I'm not in the room with you. I can hear everything through the monitor and if you cry or anything is wrong, I hear it and I'm right with you. You don't need to worry, Mami is always with you."
"I want to cuddle a little bit in bed."
"Ok. But now it's really bedtime."
"What tomorrow going?"
"Tomorrow, we're going in an aeroplane and we'll visit your friend N in Munich! Good night, sleep tight."
"Twinkle twinkle?"
"Of course I'll sing twinkle twinkle."

It was the sweetest exchange we've had and I honestly didn't care about the lateness as long as hopefully now she isn't thinking of flies and monsters who want to eat her all up. She is the most adorable and loveable girl anyone can imagine (yes, I know I'm biassed, but sod it). And tomorrow holds a whole new adventure.

Pictures taken in Auchingarrich Wildlife Park, Perthshire.



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