Sunday, 9 May 2010

I believe I can fly ...

The world according to Cubling:

This morning daddy shaved the grass.

I wanted to go to the neighbours house. Mummy said better not, because the neighbour wanted to have some time alone. I wanted to be alone too. With her. Then mummy said she wanted to be alone on the loo. And I wanted to be alone too. With her.

I found two feathers and saw a helicopter and an aeroplane. So I took the feathers and flew in the grass.

Mummy and daddy had a hard time keeping up with me, I think they were playing chase but they couldn't catch me. I'm a big girl now. I'm faster.

When we were home I helped mummy cook a stoerfry and bake a cake, schieb schieb inen Ofen 'nein. I wanted to eat very viel cake. But I didn't like the green bits. Mummy says they're called rhubarb and she likes them. Ich aber nicht.



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