Monday, 24 May 2010

Munich calling

Two spirits, love and hate. I'm misquoting. Yet it's how I feel about travelling this day. I'm getting old or something like that, I mean surely something must be wrong with me. After all I'm the one who caught a serious travel bug aged 15 and couldn't let go, spent all her hard earned pennies laboured away in the dumbest of after school and holiday jobs just to be able to travel and explore the world. Only to declare in tears to hubby and Cubling today that I never ever want to travel again.

I guess it's understandable that I'm a bit on edge about this whole travel business. It once was fun when flights were cheap, you slept on someone's floor (and yes, I've slept on floors of people I didn' t even know) and it was all one big adventure. Nowadays it's an undertaking plus this year I've been caught out with cancelled flights twice. I'm scared of flying and feel that I fly far too often. I long for a week just at some Scottish loch taking it easy and enjoying the Scottish sunshine that can never be too hot.

Maybe it's because all my travel led me to Scotland, and as far as a holiday destination is concerned, it's got all I ever wanted. Maybe I'm just getting set in my ways and don't like the upheaval of travel anymore which was exciting once, and now with a toddler becomes a pain in the bum.
And I guess it doesn't help if you almost miss a flight first thing in the morning, after having been oh so organised.

We did get our flight though. We're in Munich. It's sunny and hot, and there's processions of people on roller blades, bicycle parks of unseen expanse, beer gardens the size of villages and after all the stress of the morning, I have to say that I'm rather taken with the amazing friendliness and helpfulness of the people. Above all, I'll be able to catch up with some very good friends over the next few days, friends whom I haven't seen in far too long because our lives no longer intersect an awful lot geographically. There is a bit of a time warp in Munich this week, with friends now based in Mexico, Cologne, Glasgow and of course Munich coming together. And never having been to Munich before, this was definitely a good enough excuse to explore the Bavarian capital.

I'm so excited to see everyone. I know the time will fly and be too short. But it'll be all worth it. And that's why I was in tears this morning, the panic of seeing it all slip by because of my own stupidity of not getting my directions right and getting stuck in Edinburgh rush hour traffic. All that effort, all that excitement to see some of my best friends only 10 minutes from evaporating into thin air. Gladly, I have a husband whose nerves are of much stronger built than mine.

So hello Munich, glad we made it.



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