Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sponsored Post: Forum Fever

Although addicted to the internet, blogging and all that, I'm not one who uses forums and awful lot. Until I got pregnant. There is something rather addictive about pregnancy forums. When I was expecting with Cubling, from early pregnancy onwards, my preferred forum was on Bounty - I think at the time it was the only decent parent forum at the time and I ended up spending an awful lot of time there. Any question that came up, whether on pregnancy, going overdue, birth, hypnobirthing, real nappies, breastfeeding, colic, becoming a parent, weaning - it got answered there first. The instant nature of the forum, the fact that so many other people were using it insured that you would get support, a good answer and a bit of fun out of it, it was addictive and just fab.

And I was back on when I miscarried, and then when trying to conceive as a now definitely older woman. Again, it was great to be able to ask many odd questions, questions that I didn't really dare anywhere else. Finally, when pregnant again with Tiddler, it was the place where I could secretly share my joy of being pregnant again, moan about that terrible nausea that made me rather sure that this time things were going rather well (but rather desperate how I would cope without being able to let people know(. I'm sure I saved my friends and colleagues many a moan by letting it out on the forums.

Of course there's more to Bounty then the forums, for example you can get updates on the stages of your pregnancy, another feature that worked like magic for me in my first pregnancy. Well, I still read these updates now but the novelty isn't quite the same as first time around. And while trying to conceive, I think I must have learned the signs of pregnancy off by heart, considering I looked at them every month trying to figure out whether I could be pregnant.

The Bounty site definitely worked a treat for me, and I'm happy to recommend it to all expectant parents. Have a look, it may work for you.



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