Tuesday, 11 May 2010

BMB Carnival, UFO's, two countries and a good kick

It's a strange world. Here we are in Scotland, where Labour won the elections and increased their already whopping majority. Yet we'll be ruled by a conservative government. Shakes head in disbelief. You wouldn't believe the black humour going around at the moment.

So the next 5 years may see a lot of changes. I doubt this government will be strong, I doubt they will be able to deal with the economic crisis, I doubt they will ever be even as little as endured in Scotland. The rest - time will tell.

So while I keep shaking my head, let's have some diversion from the breaking news, because believe it or not, they'll still be here tomorrow, and for the next  years. For tonight, to keep your spirits up, have a look at this fortnight's Best of British Mummy Bloggers Carnival which is hosted over at A Place of My Own and has a karaoke theme to it - all posts are song titles. Kelly has put together a great selection of posts which once again show how diverse the parent blogosphere is, so there'll be something for everyone in the audience and you can even hum along to the tunes.

Good times!

I'll also divert myself with another UFO night. No, I'm not into flying saucers, it stands for Unfinished Objects and is this great concept of just setting aside some time to finish off things that have been waiting for just that for a while. Highly satisfying, like ticking boxes. Apparently, you can also make a social night out of it. Just an idea. In my UFO box: some knitting and some mending, and some mending of knitting (which I've not done before and looks like a bit of a complicated puzzle to me).

Good news!

Heard baby's heartbeat today and baby gave the doppler a good kicking which even made the midwife smile. Strangely, this time around I'm not sure what antenatal appointments are for really, at least at this stage in pregnancy. I mean, I can have my blood pressure taken at a pharmacy and make my own notes about irrelevant niggles? Check myself for swelling and I'm sure even the urine protein test could be done at home. Nevermind, nice to meet yet another midwife who I won't ever see again.



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