Thursday, 13 May 2010


Feel that deflating sound. That's me. Having spent the week frantically organising a residential for 12 primary school kids plus being regularly called out by sickly child for a few nights, one of which resulted in double all night kicking action (toddler in our bed positioning her knees on my tummy, to which baby in tummy responds with massive kicks - fun!), I've reached the point of no return. I really should be in bed. But hej, there must be more to life than work and kids, so instead I've been fiddling about with my blog, trying to declutter it (is that the nesting instinct?).

So have a look at my new fancy bloggy pages!

I've also taken on some sponsored links. My policy is that it has to be something that I'm happy to support, not just random links. Posts which are sponsored will be clearly labelled but the post will reflect my honest opinion. And thanks to the lovely sponsors I'll be buying myself a nice new telezoom lens for my DSLR (any recommendations? I have a Canon EOS 450D I think).

This is also a call for submissions for this months bilingual carnival, which should be up for 27th May but due to our holiday it'll be up a few days later, around the 1st of June. So deadline for submissions will be 29th May, please leave the link to your post in the comment box or send it to cartside (at)

Above all, I'm currently rejoicing in the fact that this new government has committed itself to abolish the detention of children for immigration purposes. I'm hopping with delight. Remember, it was on my manifesto, so hurray! One box ticked. Let's see how many more will be and I may actually get to like this government (you what???) - well, they've scored one brownie point with me that's for sure.

Next week I'll be at a residential, the following week hoping for a smooth trip to the Bavarian capital to catch up with some special friends not seen in years (shame on the global society) or moving from this dear green place to the home of Lindenstrasse (that's the German Coronation Street). It will be sad and happy times.

I have a feeling that blogging might be intermittent although I'd really have rather a lot to blog about. Please wish me luck that the Ash Cloud will take mercy on me this time.



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