Sunday, 20 June 2010

Creatures: sea and air come to land

This weeks The Gallery prompt couldn't have been any more appropriate. During this week we've come across a few creatures which weren't really where they're supposed to abide, much to Cubling's delight. A trip around our block brought us past a plant that had shed ... well, stuff. And that stuff must have been somehow attractive to a buzzing bumblebee (which makes me assume it was old flowers?): So there on the pavement, rather precariously positioned but rather unaware of it's environment other than the orange stuff, we admired a bumblebee:

Next, on our visit to beautiful and very summery Largs, where we met up with some visiting friends, and let our mirror imaged bilingual preschoolers figure out what language to speak, we explored the seafront and came across tons of stranded jellyfish:
The poor jellyfish got a bit battered by the stone throwing toddlers (no harm meant but done) and Cubling has picked up from C. that jellyfish sting and you'd better not touch them. Which makes me wonder how he knew considering that he lives about 300 miles further away from any seashore than we do. It's rare to see so many jellyfish stranded on the stones of the sea shore, and I couldn't stop clicking. Definitely not a day to brave the waters. The kids were excited, not just about jellyfish and the sea, an excitement which I so share, having grown up as an inland soul. It's such a privilege to live just an hour's drive from the coast. I love the way Cubling can explore the seashore and spend hours just looking and finding, and taking home for "basteln":



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