Thursday, 10 June 2010

On gigging: No matter where you go, there you are

Quite possibly this is the last gig I'll go to in a rather long time. It's only right it should be Luka Bloom, whose music I've enjoyed for over 2 decades, and it's been the soundtrack of a good few years of my life. So tonight, I really enjoyed a fabulous gig at Glasgow's Oran Mor, and so did the baby who was jumping about rather a lot...

And while I'm still partial to those earlier songs, this more recent one has a special meaning to me. It's the story of a refugee, but more than that it's about carrying your home in your heart, your centre of balance within you, where ever you are. It's the story of everyone who's left their home, for whatever reason. And it's a story of new connections, unlikely as they might be, and the humanity that underlies everything.

Or, more simply put, this is a nice wee song. Enjoy.



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