Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Gallery: Motherhood

It is high time that I join The Gallery - how can you love photography and not take part? So here's my first timely contribution, hope you like the pictures as much as I do. They are very different, almost a ying and yang of motherhood:

There is the intensity of this little person, the intensity with which I discover a new world through her, and she through me, the intensity of this look may stand for it. As it does for the sheer joy we take in each other's company, the amazing discovery that this new relationship means to me. The intensity of emotion, of joy and worry, of love and fear.

Then there's the end of being in control of your actions, the sudden necessity of multitasking (especially if your daughter rather eloquently insists on being held AT ALL TIMES), and the resourcefulness of a mother to fit a bit of non-motherhood stuff around the new full time, nay 24/7, occupation. I like this photo for its sense of flotsam and jetsam, and the simultaneity of feeding, sleeping, holding and reading. An unkempt house, an unkempt mummy. Unkempt yet running with the flow of a new life. The normal chaos of motherhood. I spent many hours like this, feeding until Cubling drifted off to sleep, with my attitude changing from feeling tied to her all the time to seeing those feeding/sleeping hours as an opportunity for some me time (in the form of reading and blogging):



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