Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Still life

I've been following Sticky Fingers' Gallery for a while now but never got around to posting for it. This is a very late contribution to week 14 - still life.

I have a new photographic toy: a telefocus lens for my DSLR, as well as a couple of filters. So I've been playing around with it a bit, capturing our bit of still life in May - the growing of our mini garden with strawberries and chives in bloom, and Cubling's favourite "little eggs", quail eggs, with their amazing pattern that makes every egg rather unique. They hail from my colleague's Ayrshire farm, where I now also get our family's freedom eggs from (eggs from freed battery hens, now free to roam in the Ayrshire rain).

And finally, after owning my DSLR for I don't know how many months (maybe even a year) I've explored all the settings. There'll be no more Auto - setting photos from now on. About time I say.



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